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Care Society implemented the project "Training of School Management and leading teachers on the use of the early identification and referral tool and procedure for special education needs". The project was developed for National Institute for Education (NIE), with the support from UNICEF under Small Scale funding Agreement (SSFA) to identify and refer children who has special educational needs at key stage 1 and provide intervention support within the schools. The project was implemented in six school of Maldives, namely Hiriya School, Iskandhar School, k. Maafushi School, R. Meedhoo School, L. Fonadhoo School and Sh. Funadhoo School.

If you are busy studying to build a career or in search of exploring different work in your area of expertise. Become a part of Care Internship Program (CIP) which is an opportunity to put your learning into practice. Care Society opens its door to individuals who are interested to work as interns which would be a huge opportunity to explore and contribute to the work Care Society does to improve the lives of persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups throughout the country.

To know more about the program, contact us.